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Opus Domini - What we've been doing and what will happen next.

Jose Cantu - Thursday, August 21, 2014


Many have written wondering about the future of Opus Domini, so here's a brief note to explain what we've been doing for the past year and where are we going. 

Regarding updates for Opus Domini, if you have read our reviews, followed us on Facebook & Twitter or if you have been a long time user you will be well aware that our biggest challenge is the sync between our different versions of the app. 

Opus Domini uses iCloud in a very creative way that allows us to share information.  We do not upload and download an entire file  - this is why we cannot sync using Dropbox; instead we share entry by entry.  

This has some advantages when planning ahead - for instance you will see all the repeating tasks in the month view, while other apps only show the first instance and one BIG disadvantage:  the sync depends almost entirely on things that are out of our control and cannot be "fixed" by an update or by us.  

Getting cloud synchronization right, meant writing a new app, and so we did!   For the last year we have been working in Opus One - an app that will have a layout and concept similar to Opus Domini, but much more powerful. Opus One for Mac will be released by the end of this year. We will talk more about Opus One in our following posts.    

By this point you may be wondering what does this means for Opus Domini? 

- First, sadly we will not be adding features to Opus Domini anymore, we will however provide an update for Yosemite and iOS8 - similar to the update we did when Mavericks & iOS7 were released. 

- As  iCloud technology improves the sync experience in Opus Domini is expected to get better. 

- Support service will continue for Opus Domini. 

- And finally once Opus One is released those who would like to migrate would be able to do, with some limitations.

Thanks for your continued support and if you have questions or comments please contact us at: support@piso13.com, in our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/OpusDominiApp) or Twitter(@OpusDomini) -  comments for this post are disabled due to the large amount of spam we constantly receive. 

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