Opus One for Mac requires El Capitan to run.

 If you'd like to experience real time management with Opus One,  you can download it for free on the App Store and subscribe with a free trial period.

If you subscribe for 1 year, you get a 1 month free trial period, if you subscribe for 1 month, you get a 7 day free trial period.

You can cancel at anytime you want vía your itunes or app store account settings.


You will find a similar look and feel, the weather forecast (it’s back and better! ),  improved sync, cloud backup & a whole lot of new powerful productivity tools along with some minor changes.

To help you get the best out of Opus One we’ve prepared a short quick reference guide "Opus One for Opus Domini Users."

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Getting Started

Opus One is a Time Management & Productivity Tool that currently has 5 Tabs or Sections:  Daily Tasks, Master Tasks, Compass, Goals & Mission.

The Daily task section features a prioritized task list that can be seen as a single list or by categories.   It also features the Daily Schedule, a motivational quote, the current weather conditions and your Daily Notes.   To see the asks in an Eisenhower Matrix format, give a secondary click to any task and select “Eisenhower Matrix.”

The Master task section is a section designed to keep a list of all tasks that you need or want to do but that do not have been yet assigned to a due date.  This section features a Planner  (with 5 different view options) on the right, to help find a suitable time to perform this tasks.

You will also find three tabs or sections dedicated to Personal Growth, that are designed to help you do more or what you want.  The Compass, Goals & Mission tabs.

Here you can keep track of what do you want from life, clearly define goals and set weekly milestones for each of your roles.  And for those who need a little inspiration, Opus One features a Personal Mission Builder Assistant, a Compass Wizard and SMART Goal templates.

  • Is it possible to import information from Opus Domini to Opus One? You can import:  Daily Tasks, Master Tasks, and text entries from Daily Notes without the formatting. Before  exporting  you need to remove tasks’ repeating rules.  For more information please see "Opus One for Opus Domini Users."
  • Does the information from the demo transfers to the full version?Currently the demo version is newer  than the AppStore version.   As soon as Opus One 1.1. is available at the AppStore (probably by next week) you will be able to backup the demo and restore this backup to Opus One.
  • I cannot add  add or edit events  in Opus One? Opus One needs access to Calendars otherwise you will not be able to add or edit events.  If you are having trouble please check your Mac’s privacy settings.
  • Can I import tasks from Reminders? Yes.  Be aware that Opus One does not sync with Reminders.  What it does is to create a special list “Opus One Inbox.”   Then any item entered in this list  will be removed from Reminders and added to Opus One as a task.
  • Can I customize the tabs? You can choose from the tabs available, which ones you like to be displayed and in what order.  To change the preset display order click the 2nd icon at the top right corner of Opus One, check the tabs you’d like to see, uncheck the tabs you’d like to hide then drag and drop to reorder.

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