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New Update for ios - opus one 2.1.4

February  14th, 2022

  • Compass section is now known as Life Roles

  • Overdue task color updated

  • Added option to move notes to another category and folder in the note section

  • Fixed multi day events not showing correctly in monthly planner

  • Feature request and bug menus updated with new links

  • Reverted repeating icon to less dominant

  • Fixed format lost on copy for iOS 14

  • Fixed sync but with meeting planners

New Update for mac - opus one 2.1.4

February  14th, 2022

  • Compass section is now known as Life Roles

  • Overdue task color updated

  • Fixed context menu in notes

  • Added option to move notes to another category and folder in the note section

  • Fixed task card closing on enter on notes.

  • Fixed multi day events not showing correctly in monthly planner

  • Feature request and bug menus updated with new links

  • Reverted repeating icon to less dominant

  • Fixed sync but with meeting planners

  • Several bug fixes resulting in crashes.

New Update for ios - opus one 2.1.3

February  14th, 2022

  • Added default task hour configuration for future dates.

  • Widgets now hides calendars configured in Opus One.

  • Fixed bug when searching for contacts in the attendees section on the meeting planner.

  • Fixed calendar widget in iPhone mini.

  • Fixed inconsistency in the background section of the notes.

  • Fixed fonts in Montserrat font.

New Update for MAC - opus one 2.1.3

February  14th, 2022

  • Widgets now hides calendars configured in Opus One.

  • Fixed crash when deleting subcategory in note section.

  • Fixed list format lost when selecting the whole line.

  • Fixed bug when adding a timestamp that erased the next line in notes.

  • Fixed fonts in Montserrat font.

  • Fixed emoji’s being cutoff in Garamond Font.

New Update for MAC - opus one 2.1.1

November  29th, 2021

Fixed widgets on Big Sur.

- Fixed meeting planner date info on small screens.

- Press enter on selected task to open.

- Escape key to exit task card.

- Double click on task to open.

- Fixed Meeting planner sync issue on recurrent events.

- Fixed critical badge on notifications.

- Fixed all day event on top of each other.

- New task's due date will now be 1 hour set into the future if they are for today. If they are not for today, they will be created with the default time.

- Fixed line height for bullets.

- Fixed notification crash.

- Fixed crash with lists in notes.

- Fixed crash on widget link.

- Fixed crash when accepting calendar permissions.

- Fixed Grateful Notifications.

New Update for MAC - opus one 2.1.0

October  29th, 2021

New in 2.1.0 !

- Add Images inline text in notes.

- Repeating Tasks in Goals.

- Added 2 new fonts (Spectral and Marion).

- Calendar option in meeting planner.

- Improved lists in notes.

- New icons for repeating tasks: D = Daily, W = Weekly, M = Monthly, Y = Yearly. (Available for macOS Big Sur and above)

- Updated to macOS Monterey.


Bug Fixes:

- Fixed crash with task notifications.


New feature to come soon:


- We are developing a new tab section only for notes!

New Update for ios - opus one 2.1.0

October  29th, 2021

New features:

* Added feature to import images into notes;

* Added repeating tasks in goals.

* New repeating tasks icons, D = Daily, W = Weekly, M = Monthly, Y = Yearly. (Available for iOS 13 and above.)

* Added option to select calendar in Meeting Planner;

* Added a new Wind Down feature for the Grateful Journal for iOS 15.

* Added Done button to accessory toolbar when adding a daily task;

* Added two new fonts (Spectral and Marion);

* Updated to iOS15;

* Improved many selectors to only require one click.


Bug Fixes:

* Fixed bug where bullet indicator was sometimes wrong;

* Improvements in note lists.

* Improved copy/paste from external sources;

* Fixed bug that cut off the bottom of a check list circle on the last line of a list.

* Fixed crash in event editor

* Fixed crash in meeting planner

* Fixed crash with task notifications.

* Fixed formatting loss when dictating.


New feature to come soon:


- We are developing a new tab section only for notes!

New Update for ios - opus one 2.0.9

September  29th, 2021


- We fixed an issue with the copy/paste lists on notes from one day to another.

New Update for ios - opus one 2.0.8

August  26th, 2021



- Changed appearance of selected calendar day on iPhone.

- Now selectors use one-touch selection when applicable.




- Fixed crash with command-c

- Fixed crash when deleting grateful journal text.

- Fixed master task list layout in iPhone.

New Update for mac - opus one 2.0.7

August  26th, 2021



- Fixed Mojave issues with font traits.

- Fixed crash when copying lists on notes.

- Faster selector for category in a meeting planner.

New Update for mac and ios - opus one 2.0.6

July  27th, 2021

New Features available:


- Numbered Lists

- Export Notes in Rich Text Format


Bug Fixes:


- Error display toolbar and checklist on Operation system like Mojave and Catalina

- Performance improvements

New Update for ios - opus one 2.0.5

June  21th, 2021

As we continue to enhance our rich-text notes, this version adds checklists! Please play around with them and let us know what you think.


Bug fixes included:


* Issue where user's calendar and the Meeting Planner category might not be in sync;

* Toolbar view when the assistant is active;

* Enabled scrolling in a Mission Value that was over a page long;

* Small fixes to the wizards;

* Correct scrolling in a long values entry;

* Scrolling to the correct location when adding a Goal, Compass, or Values entry;

* Scrolling on the note view toolbar buttons;

* Fixed an issue where long notes would sometimes hang while downloading;

* Fixed some cases that prevented undo from working correctly.

* Fixed repeating rule bug when forwarding tasks

* Fixed wrong sections in modern interface on iPhone.

* Changed return key behaviour for titles.

* Fixed scroll issues in notes.


Coming soon Numbered List!

New Update for mac - opus one 2.0.5

June  21th, 2021



√ Fixes category issue with the meeting planner

√ Fixes scroll jumping issue




- Add Checklists feature

- Removed label message.

- Fixed scroll issue in notes.

- Added new themes.


Coming soon Numbered List!

New Update for ios - opus one 2.0.4

May  17th, 2021



√ A crash with copying text in a note section.

√ A hang when opening a very large note




- We added progress indicator when downloading items to a note.

- We add a new function! Now you can use Bullets on notes!

- Adds Shadow feature



Coming soon Checklist!

New Update for Mac - opus one 2.0.4

May  17th, 2021



√ Fixes crash with links/Markdown

√ Fixes toolbar icons and width for macOS 10.14

√ Fixes crash when users copy/paste




- Adds Bullets feature

- Adds progress indicator when notes need to download

- Adds Shadow feature


Coming soon Checklist!

New Update for Mac and ios - opus one 2.0.2

April  20th, 2021

- Added Markdown for *Italic* **Bold** ***BoldItalic*** and ~~Strikethrough~~

- Added Text Alignment options

- Added Highlight feature


√ Fixed issue with Grateful Journal syncing

√ Fixed scrolling issue where scroll place would be lost once moving cursor off note view

√ Fixed sync issues with notes

√ Fixed font size inconsistency between iOS and macOS

√ Fixed iOS spacing issues when using markdown formatting

√ Removed error message when tapping a link in Daily notes.

√ Disabled automatic link detection

√ Changed certain icons to only show if subscription is active

√ Changed toolbar to scroll to fit more buttons

New Update for Mac and ios - opus one 2.0.1

March  31th, 2021

Redesigned notes to work with rich text formatting.

You will be able to: Change font at any point in the note, Change font size up or down and Change font color.


√ Fixed height in attachment view.

√ Fixed crash in some instances when the check list in notes was used.

√ Fixed color dropper disappearing on mission values.

New Update for Mac and ios - opus one 2.0.0

February  8th, 2021

New Daily Quote Widget!

• Improved sync, the app does not need to be open to receive changes from other devices.

• Now you can open repeating tasks from widgets and alarm notifications.

• New Feature Request System.

• Grateful and Planning notifications won't stack up if not dismissed.


√ General Bug fixes.

New Update for Mac - Opus ONe 1.9.9

January 12th, 2021

√ Bug fixes related to weather.

We fixed a bug related to priority on Tasks.

July 02, 2019

New update for Mac 1.7.4

• Added actions to Eisenhower Matrix Quadrant 4.
• Changed OnBoarding Screen.
• Pressing the add task button will now create a new task and open the task card.
• Added contact support option in Help Menu.

√ Fixed Meeting Planner Text.
√ Fixed an error involving categories loosing their calendar configuration

November 20, 2018

New update for iOS 1.3.9

What's new:

• New Mission Builder Wizard
• New Compass Role Builder Wizard
• New Theme Italian Leather


• Fixed StartTime Task bug

September 19, 2018

Siri Shortcuts for iOS 12!

We are so happy to announce that we are adding Siri shortcuts for iOS 12!

Take a look:

September 19, 2018

New Update for iOS 12 - Version 1.3.7

What's New in This Version 

• Update to iOS 12
• New Siri Shortcuts! After creating your first daily task, you can find your Siri shortcut on the
• Added sound when completing tasks (Activate on Settings)
• Added Date Selector to FullScreen Events, Tasks and Daily Notes on the iPhone
• Interface updates
• Fixed a bug when adding images from the share/action extension
• Now you can a task attachment directly from the task's menu or by clicking its icon.


• Several bug fixes

September 18, 2018

New Update for Mac - Version 1.6.7

• You can now open task attachments from their icons, (goals, compass roles).
• Bug Fixes.

September 20, 2018

Big News!

We are being considered as a Demo App in Apple Retail Store.

July 03, 2018

New Update for iOS - Version 1.3.5

• You can now add master tasks in a compass role card.
• You can attach a task to a goal or compass role from within the task card or the status menu.
• Added Categories to Meeting Planners.
• Added Alarm icon to tasks with alarms.
• Fixed crash on full screen tasks on iPhone.
• Fixed First Day Of the Week Setting on iPhone.
• Fixed a bug when editing an event and changing its calendar would result in a loss of information.

July 03, 2018

New Update for Mac - Version 1.6.5

• Added Master Tasks to Compass Roles.
• Fixed an issue with the cloud service.
• Added Categories to Meeting Planners.
• Fixed Support URL.
• Fixed other bugs.

June 07, 2018

New Update for Mac Version

To all our users who have updated Opus One for Mac and have problems when starting the application: We will launch soon a new update in the App Store that will solve the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

June 07, 2018

New Update for iOS 13.3 - Alarms on Task

Task Alarms:

• Alarms are synced via iCloud
• Added New Online Help Link
• Updated some missing screens to new design
• Fixed screens without navigation bar
• Added Done button to keyboard on Goal Title card in iPhone
• Fixed printing minute bug on iPad 
• Fixed bug when selecting a due date for a task 
• Added completed switch button to iPhone goal card
• Improvements for speed and reliability
• Added Feature Request Link in Opus One

May 03, 2018

New Update for iOS 1.3.2

- Fixed a bug where notes where not being saved on iPhone.
- Fixed a bug where the task note was saved to the daily note in iPhone. 
- Added Spellchecking to Task names.
- Events will scroll to actual time when changing dates on iPhone. 
- Added Restore from backup in General Settings.
- Darkened selected background color for selected day on the monthly calendar.
- Several interface updates.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the note menu did not appear.
- Fixed several crashes

April 30, 2018

New Update for Mac

- Fix on date selectors (Some dates where displayed incorrectly).
- Fixed a bug where weekly logs on a compass role where not being saved.

- Fixed a bug where adding a task will discard changes made to the compass role title.

- Fixed the width on the meeting planner section.

January 17, 2015

Opus One Demo now Available!

Hello everyone !


We submitted Opus One to the AppStore in late December.   All apps undergo a mandatory review before being available for download at the AppStore, to prevent malware, crashes and more.  We are currently undergoing this process and hopefully Opus One will very soon be available for download at the AppStore!  If you'd like to try Opus One right now - before it hits the AppStore - you can do so!  Just visit our  "Products" page and download the free 30 day demo.   No need to register email accounts or enter card numbers, just download and start achieving your goals and dreams in a healthy & balanced way.  

February 25, 2015

Opus One now available at the AppStore!

After a long wait, Opus One for Mac is now available at the AppStore!        

To thank our friends & fans we will feature a special sale next week   We'll soon post the date for this special offer. If you have not yet tried Opus One we invite you to download the free 30 day demo.   We will continue to add updates such as the meeting planner and a weekly review.   And we have been adding some new features based on requests like the ability to link Task Categories & Calendars, so when you create an event from a task in the "Work" Category it will show in one calendar (i.e.. Work Calendar) but when you drag events from "Home" Category into your Daily Schedule an event will be created in a different calendar (i.e. Home Calendar).  So if you have comments, questions or feature requests please let us know.  You can always reach us at 

Best regards from the team!  

May 04, 2015

Opus One 1.1 now available

We are happy to announce that our first update Opus One 1.1 is now available for download at the AppStore. 


The update features a Meeting Planner with the ability to send a post meeting minute to the assistants with just a click.  It also features a Weekly Planner and Review., where you can review past weeks' completed and uncompleted tasks by: Category, Compass Role, Value or Weekday. As a list or as a chart. And a Daily Planner/Review where you can quickly check the previous days completed tasks: forward, cancel or delete uncompleted tasks and prioritize active tasks using an Eisenhower Matrix.  Task notes now can be quickly accessed, just click on the icon and you can also add a time stamp (use the secondary click)    Calendar Marks for Days with Notes are now available as a preference and the same goes for 24 hour format.


Updates in the Compass Tab include repeating rules for Compass Tasks - so you don't have to write the same thing every week and a progress bar. Also you can quickly add tasks from your Daily List to any Compass Role (or Goal) just give a secondary click and select the "Attach to" option.  We've also included a few keyboard shortcuts and fixed some minor bugs.  All these features are explained with further detail in our Manual and if you'd like to try them you download the update or download an updated version of the demo on our website.  Last but not least, we've launched a Lite version of Opus One for Mac, designed for those who only want a simple list, it's now available for free at the AppStore.  

Once again thanks for all your support and best wishes from the team!

May 06, 2015

Bug in Weekly Planner & Review

We have been kindly notified by some of a bug in the Weekly Planner & Review that causes Opus One to crash when using this tool. 

After extensive review we found out the issue was related to the graphics and are already working on a fix.  As soon as the issue is fixed we will notify this here and in our social media accounts.   We are very, very sorry for this and the inconveniences it may cause.  Our apologies,

June 23, 2015

Opus One 1.2 - Available now for download!

Whether you're planning your vacations or the next semester Opus One is here to help.

The weekly planner is particularly useful for helping people balance work and life as well as your work related projects.  Opus One 1.2 is now available at the AppStore, the update includes a fix for the Weekly Review Crashing, some misspells were corrected and Japanese localization. Opus One Mobile is growing stronger every day, we're working 24/7 on this and as soon as we have more news we'll tell you about it. Last but not least, if you'd like to support our efforts, help us by posting a review of Opus One at the AppStore



Have an excellent summer!!!

July 14, 2015

Reported bugs for Opus One 1.2

We've been reported of an issue regarding Goals. If by mistake you leave the "due date" of a Goal blank and then close Opus One or change tabs,  clicking on the Goals tab will cause a crash.   Another issue some have experienced with Opus One 1.2 is an oversized display whenever a weather alert is issued for your city.   We've already send the fix for these bugs as an update to the AppStore (Opus One 1.3) and are now "Wating for Review."   Until version 1.3 is available, a  quick way to solve the crashes is to mark all the Goal tasks "completed"  this will cause the Goal to move to the Achievements section, you can then reactivate the Goal by assigning a new due date. Or if you prefer,  you can send a backup copy of your data file to  We will be happy to repair it and send it back so you can continue to enjoy Opus One.

Regarding the weather / display issue a quick workaround is to change the city preferences.   Please consider that the weather information is refreshed every few minutes (not immediately) so it might take a bit of time for the change to take full effect.  In any case, once the change is made and the weather information refreshes the display will return to its normal size.  The same will happen once the weather alert is off. 

Kind regards & have an excellent week!

July 27, 2015

Updated version available in the AppStore

Opus One update is already available for download, we have fixed the Goals and Weather bugs.  We are working on the iPad version and it's all going well!  As always if you have any question or comment please write! Or if you're more into social media leave a post we'll be happy to help. 

Best regards and have an excellent day!  

August 02, 2015

Back 2 School with Opus One

Going Back 2 School? Opus One is here to help keep you balanced and focused!    Want more? We'll be having a special sale this week to support educators and students everywhere. 

August 17, 2015

Update 1.2.3

Hi guys!  

On a recent date we were notified that the "Detach task from Goal" feature disappeared in the last update.   We have already fixed the issue and updated the demo.    We also sent the update to the AppStore.   As you know any update sent to the AppStore undergoes a mandatory revision by Apple so we'll need to wait for their review and the green light before the updated version is available for download. Another addition for version 1.2.3 is that all tasks added via Reminders will be sent directly to the Daily Tasks List even if they don't have a due date assigned.  

We wanted to thank you all for the kind comments and reviews at the AppStore and hope you have an excellent week!!

September 12, 2015

Ready for El Capitan

Hello everyone, 

If you're using El Capitan you've probably noticed that Opus One crashed.  This was due to the fact that up until a few days ago El Capitan was beta software and we were not able to compile a version for it.   However the wait for the final release of the new OS X it's over and we've submitted a new update that will allow you to run Opus One properly when using El Capitan.  Once the mandatory review by the AppStore is done, and the update is available for download we'll post again. 

Until then & have an excellent week!

September 30, 2015

Opus One 1.2.5 - Now Available!

During this past week, some users running El Capitan & Opus One 1.2.4  reported several errors related to the Cloud.   These errors were addressed and have been fixed for version 1.2.5,  which is now available for download at the AppStore.    If you still have trouble after updating or if you have questions or comments please email us at   Best, 

June 10, 2016

Opus One Mobile Delayed for 2016's first quarter

First, we want to start by thanking everyone for your incredible support. You are a very important part of Opus One.


The only thing that more important than releasing Opus One Mobile as quickly as possible is making sure that our app lives up to your expectations. That’s why we have to share a difficult decision. We will delay the release date to the 2nd quarter of 2016.


We know many of you are using Opus One for Mac with the expectation of purchasing Opus One Mobile this December, so this is not a decision made lightly. After several meetings and a few sleepless nights, we decided that the risk of compromising quality to hit our initial deadline was just too great.


We are really sorry to disappoint you, but we need extra time to polish the app and additional testing. The only thing worse that releasing at a later date, would be giving you an app that does not live up to your expectations. Our commitment is not to compromise quality.  The team at Piso13 is passionate about delivering the best app you expect and deserve. We will continue to work tirelessly to deliver to you a planner worth waiting for.


Once again thanks for your support and may all your plans for 2016 come true. 

April 11, 2016

Opus One Mobile

Dear everyone,


There was bug in version 1.3.1 of Opus One for Mac that caused problems when attempting to restore, this problem has already been solved and version 1.3.2 is available for download.


We had to take a week off from Opus One Mobile to address this. Also next week, we will be updating Opus One for Mac, in order to prepare it for the launch of the mobile version.


We have been working hard to deliver Opus One Mobile, and we expect to send it to the AppStore by the end of this month.  Once it gets to the AppStore it will wait for the next reviewer to be available.  The review process depends on several things beyond our control - and it can take up to a month -  but as soon as the reviewer gives us the go, Opus One Mobile will be available for download!   

Best regards from the Team! 

May 16, 2016

Opus One Mobile Beta

Hello everyone!   

We're happy to tell you that everything is right on track!  The app still needs to undergo the review process before being available for download at iTunes.   


The first delivery of Opus One Mobile will seem simple as our main goal was to provide with a way to sync and interact with your tasks,  but rest assured will continue to add features and tabs regularly.    As of now it is not yet available in iTunes or in a demo version but you can sign up to be part of our beta testing team.  

We have also shared some pics in our Facebook and Twitter accounts,  make sure to see them and let us know if you like the iPhone's new design.  

Best regards and have an excellent week! 

May 30, 2016

Update on Opus One Mobile

Hello everyone,  

We're still waiting for Opus One Mobile to be available in iTunes.     However we do have a beta version, so if you're interested in testing the app before it hit the stores, be sure to sign up!    


As said before the goal of this first version was to provide excellent sync and a way to interact with your tasks while away from your Mac.   So far it seems our goal was met!  And the next step is to continue adding tabs and feature, including Apple Pencil integration!!   There's much work to do and you can help us decide what's next by letting us know which features you need / want the most in Opus One Mobile as well as what would you like to do with the pencil 


We've  been notified of a problem with the Halloween theme.    This is offered a separate purchase and for some reason the theme is not being downloaded from Apple's servers into Opus One.   The issue is related to the AppStore but we're already working on a way to fix this, in the meantime please do not purchase the theme or if you have purchased it contact support so we can be of help. 

There's also  issue with Opus One Demo.    As of now it's not possible to download the demo,  this is related to the expiration date - the demo is free for 30 days only.    But we will upload a new demo by the end of June. 


Thanks for all your support and have an excellent week! 

September 26, 2016

Pre-Subscription Paid Users Fix is Here!

The update that address the subscription error is here, please update all of your Opus One Mobile´s app and Opus One (for Mac) app.

Follow the instructions here:

September 25, 2016

Fall is Here!

Fall is here and so is Opus One Mobile, as you know we changed to a subscription instead of a pay per app model. This way we will be able to add more content to the App on a regular basis.


For those users how paid before the subscription model, you will own Opus One for Mac permanently, and you will also get a free subscription until de end of December 2017. The release of the app last week had a bug that will not allow you to activate the free subscription offered to those pre-paid subscription users. We believe we address this issue on the upcoming versions comping this week. Thank you for your support!.

June 20, 2016

Hi everyone!

We had a great week at WWDC. We learned a lot and had the opportunity to meet some amazing people.


After learning about new technologies we've decided that Opus One will change to a susbscription model. One suscrption for all devices. This will allow us to ensure quality service and offer a demo that actually syncs.


To our loyal users and firends we will provide a special price / promotion.   This is our priority and we've already talk with the corresponding tech people to achieve this.    We will also provide a solution our friends who already bought Opus One and only use it in their Mac.


We will not release Opus One Mobile until this is ensured.   

Thank you for all your support & have an excellent week! 

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