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How to Reclaim Your Time by Managing Your Tasks

Images: Pexels

You started a business so you would have more flexibility and freedom. So why are you working around the clock? It’s not uncommon to lose sight of your vision as an entrepreneur. When you’re racing to put out one fire after the next, it’s tough to think about the big picture.

That’s not to say you can’t succeed as an entrepreneur and make time for the things you love. However, the answer is more complicated than better time management. Finding balance as an entrepreneur requires managing your tasks. Only through task management can you accomplish your highest priorities and avoid what we at Piso13 call the tide of urgency.

What does task management look like in practice?


In its simplest form, task management schedules tasks based on priority. Every entrepreneur has tasks that MUST be done today, SHOULD be done today, and COULD be done today. Completing the most urgent tasks first keeps your business moving forward without dragging out your workday.

The Opus One Daily Planner app makes this easy by letting users categorize tasks according to urgency and importance and sequence tasks within each group. After going through your tasks, schedule them by simply dragging and dropping them into your calendar. You can even create repeating rules for recurring tasks.

Opus One is more than a digital to-do list, however. In addition to planning daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, Opus One keeps you focused on what matters with goal-setting tools that carve out time for professional and personal goals.


What if you’re already prioritizing tasks and still struggling to get everything done? If you have more high-priority tasks than you have time,